Intervals – 5 rules

18 maart 2015 • Training • Views: 1542

Intervals are a good training for runners. They’re the easiest way to improve your speed and endurance. But you must now how to do them. Here are the 5 main rules:

1. While doing intervals you must remember that you must run slightly faster than you run during a race. This way you get used to the higher speed and you can improve your endurance faster.
2. During the break you must run. Run very slowly so you can recover a little bit (if you are a beginner, it’s enough that you walk). Remember, after the break you must feel a little bit tired.
3. Choose the intensity of intervals according to your advance level, otherwise it can even cause an injury!
4. After your interval set, you should jog (very slowly) for about ten minutes. This way you “pump out” the lactic acid out of your muscles. It can reduce the muscle pain the next day.
5. Don’t do a hard training the next day. You have to recover from the hard training. If you really want to run the next day, do it very slowly so you don’t feel tired.
This are not all the rules you should follow during intervals but I tried to write the most importent once. Sorry for my english (I’m from Poland). If there are any grammar faults, please write in the comments. This way you can learn something from me and I something from you:)

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